Opening Ceremony

The Forum and Exhibition will be opened by His Excellency Dr. Berat Albayrak, the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of the Republic of Turkey, and, other attending ministers of the Republic of Turkey and other countries, senior representatives of public and private institutions, and NGOs, to be followed by stand visits.

The Future of Energy in Turkey and in the World

Invited speakers from Turkey and abroad will share the latest developments in and outside Turkey and share their foresight regarding the practices and technologies for the efficient and efficient use of energy resources.

Session Topics

All sessions at the Forum will address the work to be carried out to reach the targets set forth in the National Energy Efficiency Action Plan.

• We Plan For Energy Efficiency, We Restore Nature/Innovative Energy Efficiency Finance Mechanisms

The existing opportunities, mechanisms, problems and bottlenecks for funding energy efficiency efforts, projects and investments in the public and private sectors will be discussed, and solutions including additional model/mechanism recommendations will be proposed. White certificates, demand-side management, energy performance contracts, energy efficiency competitions, energy efficiency as an energy source in its own right, and energy efficiency power plants are some of the topics to be covered.

• Efficient Industry, Profitable Production

Topics including the prospects of local production of energy-efficient products and technologies, recycling of inefficient products, cyclical economic applications for sustainability and productivity in production, performance-guaranteed project implementations, digital transformation in the industry and industry 4.0 will be discussed and proposals will be put forward.

• Energy Efficiency In Buildings: Comfortable, Economical Living

In order to increase the energy performance of buildings, especially commercial and service buildings; the necessary measures to be taken in the project, design, construction and operation phases; environmentally-friendly, sustainable and passive buildings; examples of good practices; automation; energy monitoring; energy efficiency in urban transformation projects; heat pumps; micro-cogeneration; renewable applications and minimum requirements for energy performance in buildings will be analyzed, discussed and proposals will be put forward.

• Energy Efficiency, Powerful Turkey

Proposals regarding energy efficiency in transmission and distribution networks, smart meters, smart networks and renewable energy will be put forward.

• Efficient Agriculture, Plentiful Production

Topics including energy-efficient irrigation methods in agriculture, use of agricultural and animal waste to generate electricity, energy-efficiency improvements in agricultural equipment, energy-efficient heating and cooling systems in agriculture and animal husbandry, renewable energy and biofuels will be discussed and proposals will be put forward.

• Renew Life with Efficient and Intelligent Transportation

Smart transportation policies, systems and technologies; hybrid, electric and energy-efficient vehicles; energy efficiency in rail systems; natural gas as a fuel; autonomous vehicles; alternative fuels and bicycle transportation will be discussed.

• Energy-Efficient Stand-Alone and Regional Heating and Cooling Solutions

The Law on Heat Market and Supply, energy storage, localized heating and cooling in public housing, geothermal energy, potentials and possibilities of waste heat produced by industry and energy production, heat demand projections and financing models will be discussed.

• Efficient Cogeneration / Generate On Site, Consume On Site

Renewable energy cogeneration systems, biogas cogeneration with urban and industrial wastes, cogeneration systems with agricultural, forest and animal wastes, trigeneration applications, cogeneration/trigeneration applications in campus-type structures will be discussed and proposals will be put forward.

• Manage Energy, Win and Help Others Win

Energy management will be discussed in detail as well as the necessity of energy management, the ISO 50001 energy management standard and the PDCA Cycle in energy management.

• We Plan For Energy Efficiency, We Restore Nature/Industry Efforts

Our stakeholders will be informed about the projects being carried out by our Ministry to develop the industry. Public buildings survey reports, energy-efficiency improvement projects (VAP) supports, benchmarking studies, energy efficiency and effectiveness, energy efficiency communication strategy plan, energy efficiency development report, survey reports by energy efficiency consultancies and industrial enterprises, LED's GO and providing information on the case of Cezeri High School as a sustainable green building are some of the topics to be covered.

Award Ceremonies

The finalists of the "Industrial Energy Efficiency Project Competition" (SENVER-18) organized among the industrial enterprises in 2017; the enterprises that are registered in the database of the General Directorate of Renewable Energy that have been selected as the most successful industrial enterprises in reducing energy intensity; primary, secondary and high school students that won awards in the painting, story writing and project competition held in 2017 will receive their awards from ranking government officials.

Reception & Gala Dinner

The reception and gala dinner aim to bring industry representatives together and to strengthen the energy efficiency network under development.

The right to publish all paper and presentations within the Forum belongs to the General Directorate of Renewable Energy.