Istanbul is a world city at the intersection point of Europe and Asia, the settlement date of which extends for 300.000; the historical date for about 3.000 and the date of being a capital for 1.600 years. Through the ages the city has hosted various civilizations and cultures, has preserved its cosmopolitan structure, where people of many religions, languages and ethnic origins have lived together for centuries and it has become a unique mosaic in the historical process. Istanbul is one of the rare sites in the world that has succeeded in being the center in every area for long periods of time and it is a world capital from the past to the current day.

Istanbul that makes continents meet, is also a world-embracing congress city with its own wealth of history and nature, its being an international center of arts and culture, its accessibility, alternatives of accommodation, professional services, price policies and the quality of its convention centers.

In 2011 and 2012, Istanbul achieved to rank at the top in the world for congresses with over 500 delegates. The next target is to keep its place in the ranking of the top 3 congress cities in Europe and the top 5 in the world and to attempt the global leadership every year. Istanbul puts its existing values inaction as a tourism potential and it hosts national and international organizations with high numbers of participants.