Dear Madam / Sir,

Regional and global developments in our time, particularly concerns on ensuring energy supply security for energy-importing economies have once again elevated energy efficiency to top priority as the strategic and critical source of energy.

In this context, we are organising the 10th Energy Efficiency Forum and Exhibition on 11-12 April 2019 in Lutfi Kirdar Istanbul Convention & Exhibition Centre to bring together a broad range of companies operating in energy and communications sectors; heads, CEOs, experts of domestic and international universities, institutes, government, private and civil society organisations; regulatory agencies, consultants and consumer groups. The event will feature various fora to discuss and share studies, developments and projections on energy efficiency in our country and the world, and exhibitions of new innovative products and technologies for efficient and effective use of energy all the way from source to end-user.

I kindly request your participation in and contributions to the 10th Energy Efficiency Forum and Exhibition themed “Energy Efficiency as a Resource: Treasury Hidden in Energy”.

Minister of Energy and Natural Resources